Written by: G4ZTD_Gnome

Being interested in Satellite communication I wanted some way of controlling the Elevation of my Antennas as well as the normal Azimuth control. So I had a think about it and here’s what I came up with, and it works well too.

First I got my old rotator, that needed some work doing to it before I could even start working on my design idea. Having done all the work required and made the rotator work once again, I then cut the top of the rotator off so I could mount it sideways, I drilled and tapped several holes in the top (The bit where I cut the top off from), these would allow me to adjust the linkages until I got the linkages correct.

It took me several attempts to get the correct geometry to make the rotator rise the beam from Horizontal to Vertical, but eventually I got it correct.

All I need do now is re-calibrate the control box in Degrees and hopefully all will be fine.

Whoops a design error.

When I fitted the heavier Antenna (2Mtr beam) the weight of it caused my rather thin steel linkages to fold.

So off I went to local scrap yard to source some thicker material, I ended up with 1 eighth of an inch thick brass.

After remaking all the linkages (As can be seen in the pictures) all was well, the Elevator works fine now.

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