Written by: G4ZTD_Gnome

These images are of a Tower that i brought off of Ebay, it was only the top 20 foot section and had to be modified for use

These images show how my freind Mick(M6MDR) and I did it.

All fabrication’s were done by Springfeild Pressing’s of Leicester, And my thank’s go to them for there fantastic work… Thank you

Tests Performed on Completion

After Completing the Antenna system so far I Eagerly Connected The HF Steerable Dipole to the Radio (Kenwood TS-940s) and had a quick tune round.

In the Half Hour or so that I Tested it I Heard : JA1EIA, VK3OM and VE3YJ, All at 57 to 59 Signals; I did try calling the JA and VK but there was quite a pile up, so I had no joy.I then called VE3YJ who was using a 1000watt’s into a far better Antenna system (LOL) and he came straight back to me and we had quite a nice QSO, My report was 55 and I gave him 59, but when you consider the Antenna and Power Difference I was really pleased. Power i was using was only 100watt’s

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