Written by: G4ZTD_Gnome

Licence Training in Leicester


I was asked by a friend of a friend if I could recommend a club in Leicester where he could do his foundation training I told him to read the following …..

If you are looking for Ham Radio Licence Training in Leicester unfortunately there are no clubs that I would now recommend.

There is a club in Leicester but if you take my advice you would be better to go elsewhere.www.g3lrs.co.uk

A few years ago I would not have said this but I have had bad dealings at a club in Leicester with back stabbing, clickiness and members being two faced to name just a few things, (See this article  https://www.2e0svt.net/radio-club-bullying on my friends INDEPENDENT Website).

So it is my suggestion that you look out side of Leicester, shame but that’s how it is.

All the above is my opinion


Further to the above I have been informed that Hinckley Ham Radio Club (HARES) run courses.

The Hinckley Amateur Radio & Electronics Society meet every Thursday evening at the Hinckley Sea Cadets Headquarters, TS Amazon, rear of the Wharf Inn, Coventry Road, Hinckley, LE10 0NQ.  The entrance is between the SIMLA restaurant and the Wharf Inn on Coventry Road, Hinckley. Meetings commence at 19.30 and any ‘Hams’ are more than welcome. H.A.R.E.S. is also a recognised training and examination centre for the Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Licences.

Info from thier website here…… http://www.hares.org.uk

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