Written by: G4ZTD_Gnome

I have decided to add this page in protest of the fact that in general, it has been noticed (Not by me personally) but by a good friend and fellow ham, that quite a lot of Stations with Foundation and Intermediate calls struggle for a contact.

It was stated that stations very rarely call any such stations and that if Foundation and Intermediate stations make CQ calls or even Direct calls that they are ignored.

This clearly is not the spirit of Ham Radio.

I would like to make it known that if this is happening I am not one of the those that ignore any licensed stations, in fact I would ask that if you hear a call being made by such stations that you answer them!. After all they are learning. Mind you we all are, is that not true!.

So there we have it, please give them a call if you can as we should set an example should we not. Regards to you all whatever your call is.
Kelvin (G4ZTD)

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