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A Leicester Radio Club 0

A Leicester Radio Club

A Radio Club In Leicester Bullying Summery Well just goes to show that I was indeed singled out at the A Radio Club In Leicester as I have found out that despite me being...

temperture controlled fan unit 0

temperture controlled fan unit

Temperature controlled Fan Unit   This circuit can be set to protect any circuit against temperature changes, adjusting the preset resistor will allow this circuit to operate a fan once this temperature has been...

Ham Radio Software 0

Ham Radio Software

Ham Radio Software If you have any Software Applications you would like adding and would like to share them with others Please send them to me, Thank you.   DIGIPAN 20 ORBITRON satellite tracking...



2EOJLA’s Page.   This page is about projects and other items of interest that my friend (2E0JLA) has done I will be adding more as and when 2E0JLA (JULIA) lets me have anything he...

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