Written by: G4ZTD_Gnome

Dipole Length Calculator

For a Center Fed Dipole the Formula is 468 Divided by Frequency in Megahertz (For a Half Wave Dipole), dont forget to make your Antenna slightly longer to allow it to be trimmed to obtain the best SWR

Inverted V Antennas should be Approximately 3-5% shorter than a dipole of the same Frequency, in this Calculator its set at 4% but you can alter this if you want to use another number.

The figure 468 can be changed to 234 if you want the measurement for a Quarter wave Antenna

Enter the formula for the antenna calculation

Divided by Freq MHz

Percent smaller for the Inverted Vee

Your dipole's total length is feet
Each leg of the dipole is

Your Inverted V's total length is feet
Each leg of the Inverted V is

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