Written by: G4ZTD_Gnome

CQ, CQ, CQ… THIS IS… G4ZTD (Gnome Four Zulu Tango Delta)

About G4ZTD (Me)

I became interested in shortwave listening when I was about 11 years old, the first real radio I had was a Trio 9r59-de Receiver that use to drift if someone opened a door, but I had a lot of fun using it and would often sit listening to commercial radio stations until the early hours, before that I use to make my own receivers, Atu’s and various bits and bobs then I brought some old military radio receivers.

I became Key Monitor for the Voice of The International Family radio in America as I use to submit reception reports on a regular basis to them.

I then became interested in Ham Radio and decided I wanted to talk to the people that I had been listening to for several years and decided to go for my RAE (Radio Amateurs Licence) in 1982, and had the call G6MAM, shortly after that I took my Morse test, travelling down to the Post office testing station in Mablethorpe (Humber Radio) a ship to shore radio station, on a motor bike with my wife as on the back, where I took my test.
I then became G4ZTD,, I use to make quite a lot of homebrew transceivers and associated equipment, I spent years as an active operator and was a member of the Leicester Radio Society, where I taught Morse Code to a lot of people, I also became an Morse examiner at Leicester where I examined candidates for the Morse test.

But then in about 2002 I lost interest and sold all my equipment, a costly mistake.
I gained interest again in July 2009 and reinstated my licence and had to buy all the equipment I needed again, I am very active on the Digital modes especially SSTV .

Things however have changed a lot since I was last active and it’s nice to see that more people are able to come on the radio by attaining there Foundation, Intermediate and Full Licences, a thing that was not available when I took my RAE, this has brought in a lot of people that probably would not have bothered to come into the hobby had it not been for these changes.
Also the fact that Morse is no longer a requirement and the fact that Log books are no longer needed to be kept is also a point to be made, I do however still keep a log book myself for my own benefit.

G4ZTD (Gnome Four Zulu Tango Delta)

I suppose now is the time to explain the reasons for the Gnomes and references to Gnomes on my site.

Well here we go, as far as I can remember I had a photo of me fishing with my woolly hat on and my pipe in my mouth (Yes I smoke a pipe, Old timer you know how it is).

This picture I showed to a friend of mine who said that it reminded him of and looked like a Gnome, this coupled together with my shortness in height (About 5’6″) made him laugh.

Since this time the name has stuck (THE GNOME) and I have the Mickey took out of me constantly due to it Ha Ha, o well it’s all in good fun, so there you have it…..The Explanation…I Hope!.

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