A Leicester Radio Club

A Radio Club In Leicester Bullying Summery

Well just goes to show that I was indeed singled out at the A Radio Club In Leicester as I have found out that despite me being told I was only allowed 2 visits a year as a non-member [Written in the Constitution] and (Allegedly there was a letter being sent out from them to me, which to date I have never had. What a surprise that is).

I have been informed that I am barred from joining the club too, also my Daughter Nessa has been banned, she has been banned just because she’s my daughter. Again no letter telling me that I have been banned and the reasons why.

Any way despite this I have found out that there is other non-members that have not been told and in fact I know of one member that has not joined for a very long time, yet despite this they still go to the club and have even told them they will not join but nothing is being done about them.

So how can the treasurer (Mr Manipulation Man) say he does not tell just me.

The clubs committee are a Bunch of hypocrites, one rule for me and different rules for others.



I have just been informed by a friend who attends this club that he should know about the posts I make on my site, this apparently is because he is a friend.

What a bunch of idiots they are assuming such a thing, does my Friend need me to tell him when I go toilet too, no of course not, so why would he need to know other information unless I decided to tell him of course.

To sum up then, my friend is not and never will be aware of any of my posts and he was not aware I was posting this information, this is my site and I will not be told what I can or can not put on it and if after reading all this information you are upset then this information is clearly true or you would not be upset by reading it would you.

  So that’s just hard luck on you.




Just another update, apparently in December last year (2019), I have been informed that at a committee meeting, my friend asked if they would allow me to Re-Join, and after a show of hands and some ifs and buts, they said I could, Apparently the main one against it was the Treasurer (Mr manipulation Man), well that was not a surprise to me at all as he was always the one to block things even when I was chairman. And would always have ago at me and only me if I had not paid up.

So at the AGM my friend went to the treasurer to pay my fees, but he blocked it and said I could not join, this from a treasurer that on at least six occasions was asked by me and my secretary to show us the books, as per the constitution, (I WAS CHAIRMAN AT THE TIME) but he never showed us books and I ask myself why?, Also he says every year that he will not be re standing but continues to do so. (Why Not? That’s the million dollar question).

So as it stands my daughter and I are still not members.


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