Written by: G4ZTD_Gnome

All Aluminium to make this Antenna was purchased in Leicester from…….

Leicester Aluminium.

Freemans park, Leicester.

They are very helpful and patient, and there prices are very good too.

They sell round and square section tube, they also sell all different shapes sections too.

All tube is available in 5 Metre lengths if required.

These images are of the 3 Element 2mtr Antenna I am building for working Satellites with.

The original idea and dimensions were from a Design by G8GMU (Thank you Brian for giving me the idea).

However, on Brian’s Design it had both the 145Mhz and 435Mhz antenna on a single hand held boom.

I wanted 2 separate Antennas to mount on my rotator permanently so this is how I made mine.

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