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2EOVOD’s Page.

This page is about projects and other items of interest that my friend (2E0VOD) has done

I will be adding more as and when 2E0VOD (Nick) lets me have anything he wants me to put on this page.

Picture of 2E0VOD (Nick)

Cobweb Antenna Project

Nick wrote……This is my cobweb antenna which has been a labour of love (as all homebrew antenna’s should be). The material for the spreader’s are made from 12mm diameter aluminium tube. The mounting tube in the centre was formed by hand with hammer and vice to be the correct size so as to take the 12mm aluminium spreaders. They were then welded with not too much difficulty (LIE) and then ground with a dremmel drill to look niceish. More Blurb to follow later……

I am somewhat curious? as to how he intends to mount the engineering vice that it is mounted on lol

2E0VODs 2Mtr Band Telescopic Antenna

Details of this Antenna are as follows…

1, The center feed is made from two old connectors glued back to back. A short wire link is used to short either side for the driven elements, and then the feed point can be conneted across the center points. This is then glued to the feed arm pole.

2, The center support is made from sheet and tubular steel with the sheet formed into a 48mm diameter coller with 10mm tabs on the ends through which two M4 bolts can go to secure it to a standard size mast pole. The tubes have a 11mm hole in and the speader arms have diameter of 11mm so they slot together nicely.

3, The brackets that hold the enameled copper wire are made from peices of an old chopping board drilled with an 11mm hole through one way and a 2mm hole the other and fixed with a self tapping screw to the spreader arms.

4,  The center boom is shorter than the spreader arms, so that when all of the driven elements are in their correct positon they fan out from the feed point and makes it so that no driven elements can cross and it makes it possible for five band elements with 10mtrs at the center 12 next, then 15, 18 and finally 20mtrs with their respectful end points roughly centered 180 degrees from the feed point.

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